Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pursue Me! Come Into My Presence!

Welcome to the New Year of 2013!  Goodness it has been fast paced since January 1! We knew this year would be exciting because of all the Lord has shown us.  Each year we ask the Lord what His focus is going to be for us. This year He told Charley: Pursue Me!  Then He also told me: Come into My Presence!  Wow!  We shared these messages with each other and then took His words to Him in prayer surrendering all we are into His hands.  We want to see these words manifested in our lives during this year.  So far every devotional I have read points me to His Presence and we are Pursuing Him deeper and more eagerly than ever before. Our responsibility in this world as children of God is to give witness of the truth of His Word.  In the Word is wisdom and the answers to all the questions we will ever have.  Read the story of David and Saul.  Saul was God's anointed and chosen King.  He was not following God.  He was behaving in a manner contrary to God.  He had tried to kill David many times.  David had many opportunities to kill Saul but he would not touch God's anointed.  We must do all things according to the Word of God.  We must seek His face, believe that He will hear, obey what He tells us and trust that He knows what He is doing.  You are on a faith walk for you.  Where will you stand?  With God and His Word or with people and their ideas.  Be sure you are acting under God's direction before you take a step.  He will lead and guide you.

Psalm 91, Galatians 5, 2 Chronicles 7:14

Take a deep breath of His Spirit and know that He will give you the strength, wisdom, direction, purpose, comfort, peace and everything else that you need for each moment of the day!
May the Lord encourage and bless you as you Pursue Jesus and spend time in God's Presence. 

Charley & Karen Tackett