Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We Believe

How many of us truly know what we believe as we go to church, speak the name of Jesus and walk each day trying to be faithful to the cause of Christ. The news is so full of Christians being persecuted, but one story has really captured my heart and mind.  It is a story from Iraq and a story of families torn apart because they teach their children and others about the good news of Jesus.  The story I read told of children being asked to renounce their faith in Jesus and when they refused they were killed but the parents were left alive.  If a little child is not willing to turn their backs on Jesus to save their lives, what would we do? We have never really been faced with that choice in our western world.  Yes, I know you read about people being asked not to pray in public places or churches being attacked but these are all random acts.  I know that our leaders in government are trying to make laws that are prejudiced against Christians but these are not life and death situations.  What about the reality of what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Africa and many other nations.  They are experiencing life and death choices and many are choosing death over renouncing their faith and trust in Jesus. Heaven is their home when they die.  Praise Jesus!! The Lord has had us praying for the persecutors.  Have you thought about that?  We know that it is Father’s desire that ALL be saved!  So while we pray for those being persecuted, we pray also for the persecutors!! We pray for truth to be revealed and deception uncovered and God’s justice, God’s justice happen!  Several weeks ago we attended a local church and heard for the first time a song that has captured our hearts because it is what we believe and we proclaim it to the rooftops.  The precious worship leader leads us with great passion and truth and we watch people around the auditorium lift their voices in admission of what they believe.  Now I cannot promise you that when they walk out the doors of the church they live what they believe in their daily lives but during that moment on Sunday morning with like believers around them, they lift their hearts, lives and voices to make a statement of what they believe.  I can only pray that if faced with a soldier holding a machine gun or a guillotine ready to be used, that I along with every believer in the world would do what those children done and say NO, I WILL NOT RENOUNCE MY JESUS!! HE IS MY SAVIOR AND LORD! Below I have the link to the song WE BELIEVE!! 

Please listen and worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, the SON OF THE LIVING GOD JEHOVAH.


Loving you and praying for you,
Charley & Karen